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mrbrown: L’infantile terrible of Singapore: Another Wikileaks

5 Sep

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Singapore boasts a highly competitive and  well-regarded primary and secondary education system, but the number of Singaporeans completing a tertiary education is  relatively low. Only 23 percent of Singaporean students entering primary school complete a degree at a local four-year university. In other knowledge-economies such as Japan’s, around 50 percent of students complete a university degree. However, according to Cheryl Chan, Assistant Director of the Planning Division at the Ministry of Education (MOE), the government does not plan to encourage more students to get a higher education.

mrbrown: L’infantile terrible of Singapore: Another Wikileaks


Notícias novoBR » Press Release from Business Wire : QS

5 Sep

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The University of Hong Kong traces a origins to a former Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese, founded by a London Missionary Society in 1887 as well as would after turn a Medical Faculty of a University of Hong Kong. The College is remarkable for being China’s Father of a Nation Sun Yat-sen’s alma mater.

Notícias novoBR » Press Release from Business Wire : QS

Elite 10k Run « MacRitchie Runners 25 (Singapore)

5 Sep

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I am at a sold out 10km run in Central Park, New York. I am not sure what I am doing here as I can barely run for 5 minutes before I run out of breath. But this is a special race—the Boomer’s Cystic Fibrosis Run to Breathe 10K—and among the 5,000-plus participants there are some with the deadly lung disease. My family—they are running too—has talked me into this by pointing out that if people with serious health problems can do it then a relatively healthy woman like me can too. I have trained erratically for a couple of months and the best I have done so far is a walk-run mishmash of 9km. As I stand among the throng of runners—a numbered bib on my T-shirt, a timing chip on my shoe—I worry if I will finish

Elite 10k Run « MacRitchie Runners 25 (Singapore)

Nike We Run Manila « runningpinoy

5 Sep

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“Fortress” self-propelled coastal defense missile system advanced, powerful, it uses the “onyx” supersonic anti-ship missiles in the enemy’s strong radio electronics and fire against the Nike Freeconditions, the effective elimination of all levels and types of surface ships both ships, aircraft carrier attack group, landing Corps, convoy, or single ships and ground radar radiation target.

Nike We Run Manila « runningpinoy

QS World University Rankings 2011 – UK Results « Registrarism

5 Sep

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Four universities from the Philippines are included in the top 200, see Table 1 below. The University of the Philippines jumps to 62nd from 78th last year. On the other hand, Ateneo de Manila University moves to 65th from 58th. The University of Santo Tomas is currently ranked 104th, while De La Salle University is ranked 107th.

Aside from the overall rankings, universities are also ranked in 5 subject areas: Arts and Humanities, Engineering and Technology, Social Sciences and Management, Natural Sciences, and Life Sciences and Medicine

QS World University Rankings 2011 – UK Results « Registrarism