Singapore Blade Runner (SBR): Friday 26 August 2011. Ramadan

29 Aug

ica passport

I accidentally submitted my application to renew my passport online a couple of weeks back. I was just testing the picture to see if it fit in the online box when somehow a click went straight into submission.

It was pretty fast though so I was impressed by that. I could collect my passport within the week. I didn’t get see the notification till much later, like the night before the collection date/time. So either my parents had opened the letter and didn’t pass it to me earlier or the letter really came late.

I didn’t know ICA had started specifying the time/date of collection and that if you could not make it then, you would need to call to re-schedule. Wow! I went to ICA and after scanning the notification card, I realized there were 91 people ahead of me in the collection queue. *Faint*

 Singapore Blade Runner (SBR): Friday 26 August 2011. Ramadan


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