Sara Bareilles Previews Greaser Look From Jonah

29 Aug

jonah hill

There will always be those who fear that once a comedic fat person slims down they’ll no longer be funny, as if their talent and humor were inexorably tied to their adipose tissue. While Internet commenters speculate on whether Hill will retain his wit, we ran across this sane comment left on the Huffington Post website: “Good for Jonah Hill. He will have a happier healthier and hopefully long life. He was funny as an overweight guy, but has the talent to shed that image and go on. Good for him.”

We know what you’re thinking: Actors have it easy. Not only can they afford the best personal trainers and nutrition advisers, but they have built-in motivation, usually in the form of a movie contract and a hefty paycheck.

 Sara Bareilles Previews Greaser Look From Jonah


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