Rant: Pepper Lunch Isetan Scotts « Coffee With Amee

29 Aug

pepper lunch

After lunch we headed to the Sungei Wang Plaza where I dropped into Treats Store to try and get a new pair of cropped jeans that fitted in order to take back to the UK. I am so chuffed. The pairs I bought when we got here were 33″ waist, this new pair is a 30″ waist! Yay!

The sun was beating down on our way back. The watch and wallet sellers must be recognising Ben by now as they didn’t try to sell us anything! Finally!

We ran straight to the pool after lunch as Ben was rather craving sun and water. We stayed there until around 4pm when we headed back upstairs and got on with the packing. By 5:30 – 6pm I had totally had it. Ben soldiered on and got the suitcases down to under weight but it meant shipping another box.

Before dinner we took the two boxes to the couriers and worked out we could ship them plus a bit more in one box for around the same price (slightly less) so we went with that. Again, with UPS it should arrive on Tuesday now.

 Rant: Pepper Lunch Isetan Scotts « Coffee With Amee


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