Mid-Autumn Mooncake Promotion with Citibank Credit Cards

29 Aug

raffles hotel mooncake 2011

It’s been a long time since any mooncake made me go “wow”. But that moment came when I tasted the Jewels Artisan Chocolate snowskin mooncakes for Mid-autumn Festival 2011.

To be honest, when I first heard of Jewels’ mini snowskin mooncake with Korean black garlic, my first thought was: oh no, there is no way a garlicky mooncake can ever work. Still, the first bite of this little dark beauty is nothing short of amazing.

From the large chunks of fermented black garlic embedded in the lotus paste, there is a burst of sweetness and tartness but none of that harsh garlicky flavour which I was expecting. Korean black garlic reportedly has 10 times more disease-fighting anti-oxidants than raw garlic. So while enjoying this mooncake, you are reaping health benefits at the same time! This is possibly the most inventive mooncake flavour I have tried this year.

 Mid-Autumn Mooncake Promotion with Citibank Credit Cards


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