Kim Myhr, Burkhard Beins, Kari Ronnekleiv & Nils Ostendorf

29 Aug


On June 1 the single “Looking for a Life” from David Myhr’s album Soundshine was released on iTunes. Facebook fans get the single for free!

Since the break-up of The Merrymakers, David has written songs by himself. However, on this particular song he brought in co-writersAndreas Mattsson (ex-Popsicle) and American hit maker Ian Eskelin (from Grammy nominated All Star United). The result is an uplifting summery pop anthem not short on memorable hooks and catchy melodies.
The music for the song written two years ago; a result of a songwriting session in Nashville. The basic structure took shape in mere 20 minutes with David, Ian, a guitar and a piano as ingredients. They got stuck on the lyrics though, so the song was put to rest until David started work on the album. Still out of ideas for a good lyrical angle, he called up his colleague from Swedish pop wonder Popsicle to see if he wanted to give it a shot

 Kim Myhr, Burkhard Beins, Kari Ronnekleiv & Nils Ostendorf


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