Jacky Cheung shows you what’s flexibility

29 Aug

jacky cheung concert 2011 singapore

SINGAPORE: Oh, My ‘God of Songs’. Cantopop Heavenly King Jacky Cheung is not usually versatile, though also one stretchable performer.

In Singapore for a “Jacky Cheung ½ Century Tour”, a 50-year-old non-stop a initial of his 5 sell-out concerts with a bang. Many, many mini bangs, to be exact.

Cheung – dressed in a smart, white fit – tap-danced and showed off nifty footwork in his opening act, to a throng of 9,000 fans during a Singapore Indoor Stadium on Friday night.

He also tender a assembly by pulling off a half-Arabesque Penchee, a ballet poise where one leg is lifted behind a body.

While singing “Fei Jie” (Plump Sister) – a strain where he paid reverence to a late Lydia Sum who died in 2008 of liver cancer – Cheung did what many people his age could not do: A full front split.

 Jacky Cheung shows you what’s flexibility


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