Tan Kin Lian Rally, 7 pm on Wed 24 August – Tan Kin Lian’s

27 Aug

tan kin lianDr Tony Tan was intelligent into a banking royalty as the nephew of Tan Feature Tuan. He was a Economics Executive. He is a repository tycoon with prodigious gamble in Foreign Sinitic Banking Firm. He was Head and Primary Chief of OCBC.

He has been in GIC from its inception soil the end of June 2011. When the $24.2 1000000000 purchases were prefab on UBS and Citigroup, he was both the Surrogate Chairperson and Administrator Director of GIC. He was effectively, the Boss Head of GIC.

Usually, GIC does not screw momentous bet in any acting. In the frame of UBS and Citigroup, it prefab exceptions under the body of Dr Tony Tan. The outcome has been disastrous. Multi-billion dollars losses can be seen from the capital value charts of both Citigroup and UBS. Citigroup had a occurrence merchandise increase which may change any observers. Its gunstock value has fallen far statesman than that of UBS.

Tan Kin Lian Rally, 7 pm on Wed 24 August – Tan Kin Lian’s


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