GodsGarden #4 Highlights – Uryo’s Sakura « Shoryuken

27 Aug


I haven’t had a lot of luck with Arina Tanemura manga. I didn’t like her last title I read, Mistress Fortune, nor her last series, Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross. I was starting to think there would never be a Tanemura title I could enjoy. Then this series was announced. The historical setting of the Heian period did appeal to me, but the “magical girl” aspect didn’t. But I decided to give this series a try.

When we are first introduced to Sakura, she comes off as a spoiled princess, willfully resisting her arranged marriage to Prince Oura, son of the Emperor. She has lived alone on his mountain estate, with only her servents as company. The emmisary sent to bring her to the prince is rather rude and obnoxious, but is also skilled in casting spells. He also turns out to be the Prince.

GodsGarden #4 Highlights – Uryo’s Sakura « Shoryuken


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