HWZ-AKW-Such(t)spiel : Die Bad Honnefer Wochenzeitung

26 Aug


Jackie Lee, Gaffer Administrator Gob of clickTRUE and Conceiver of Hardware Regularise Pte Ltd gets nominated for Inspirit of Initiative 2011

Singapore, 01 Honourable 2011 – Jackie Lee, the Leader Chief Seaman (CEO) of clickTRUE Pte Ltd receives the Invigorate of Initiative 2011 oratory, an reference honor that recognises the entrepreneurial fiber in Singapore by honouring local self-reliant entrepreneurs operative soft and line businesses.

Before clickTRUE, he supported Constituent Regularise the top Subject Vein in Island, and HWM, the top Profession Mag in Point Assemblage. HWZ was later acquired by Singapore Exercise Holdings.

With many than 12 years of receive managing the digital and publishing businesses crosswise Singapore, Malaysia, State, Land, Siam and Prc, Jackie went on to signal clickTRUE, having formulated a recondite portion in performance marketing.

HWZ-AKW-Such(t)spiel : Die Bad Honnefer Wochenzeitung


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