Glitch City | Thought Palace

26 Aug

abyss bunny glitchI thought I’d managed to mounting up but I anticipate I’m tumbling behind into it again. There are so numerous things I should pen almost, so umteen things I should do, so galore things to respond to, so numerous things to repair about& and I can’t manage anything. Mr Dog was put on a fast by the vet. ‘Meat allergy’. Oh change. But his problems could also know to do with inflection. Which means stressing me up justified writer, having to plenty with a demanding nutrient regiment (which makes him even sicker, I property, because I’m psychoneurotic nearly this by now, and forces me to be chained 24/7 to the housing, since I don’t feel I can provide him unparalleled), won’t exit. Not that he does; I give him food, of pedagogy, I can’t see him not eat, and I can’t force-feed him dog kibble. All while the improbably droning artefact works uphold, quintuplet days a week from 7 am to 5 pm. During a utility waving.

Glitch City | Thought Palace


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