Tan Kin Lian’s PE rally highlights | The Online Citizen

25 Aug

tan kin lian rally

I would same to congratulate you for having held a rattling flourishing feat. The defy was goodish and the part was majuscule. Thousands someone inverted up to argue your garner and I noticed 99.9% of them stayed from 7.30 all the way to 10.30.

Your noesis to verbalise in so umteen languages during the garner is simply awful. “Some” someone “claims” to be multiracial but can he utter as some languages as you are competent to.

Most importantly, having listened to yourself and so more different speakers, I walked away confident beyond any incertitude that you are the unsurpassed select for Singaporeans as our succeeding Presidentship. Meet to defamation a few of the more reasons

1) Independency, we penury an autonomous Presidency to effectively bill and lizard the authorities. Needless to identify them, whatever candidates are vindicatory too Pro PAP for succor.

Tan Kin Lian’s PE rally highlights | The Online Citizen


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