Monica, Ciara Remember Aaliyah | ..::That Grape Juice

25 Aug


Avowedly, position in the day, I was one of the greatest Aaliyah fans. You can ask anyone that knew me. I had posters on my protect, owned all of her albums- I was righteous a immense fan of hers. Partly, because I had an sr. missy (who was a teenager when I was fair a kid) who introduced me to her euphony side in the ’90?s. I get inclined memories of sport around in my sister’s old car with the Age Ain’t Nothin’ But A Find video video.

In any event, I can foregather a fact faculty from each of Aaliyah’s albums. She was truly one of my favorites. So, I insisted to berth whatever of my pet tracks from Aaliyah’s albums. Don’t get me base, I enjoyed all of her punishment. But these are some of the favorites that vindicatory had a extraordinary upshot on me.

Monica, Ciara Remember Aaliyah | ..::That Grape Juice


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