Raffles Hotel Mooncake | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

22 Aug

raffles hotel moonca...

The Mid-Autumn Festivity, or Idle Festival if you advance, is here again! Of education, what’s Moon Fete without mooncakes redress? Thence over the succeeding 3 life, I would be featuring whatever uncomparable and yummilicious mooncakes.

We’ll sign off with my most popular mooncakes of all – champagne truffle and ganache snow-skin mooncakes from Administrator Hotel! Now, that’s a historical mouthful ain’t it? And desire me, it real is.
The Raffles Hotel mooncakes are easily the most ungodly and best-tasting mooncakes I’ve e’er had! They sell out really quickly too!These mooncakes turn in boxes of 8. At more than $5 apiece, they sure don’t descend sleazy. (but they are couturier every cent because they’re so peachy!)The tin box containing these cute mooncakes is decorated with a Shanghai-style graphics surrounded by swirls and florals.

Raffles Hotel Mooncake | Flickr – Photo Sharing!


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