All Things CNN: CNN Simulcasts Libya News Overnight

22 Aug

libya news

Here in the ordinal month of what was questionable to be a few life of NATO’s war in Libya, it seems Muammar Gadhafi may be on the bounds of existence ousted from powerfulness. The rebels acquire dilated their contain of a size of cities and towns outside of the de facto grayback top Metropolis and hold now invaded Tripoli, Gadhafi’s conclusion defence. Rebels marched within two miles of the municipality confectionery, as Gadhafi’s defenders unfrozen off, his statesmanly bodyguard given, and his two sons were arrested, according to rebels.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Gaddafi’s regime, Moussa Ibrahim, said he was intelligent for direct negotiations with rebels finished the knowledge of the Individual Transitional Council, and has asked NATO to persuade the resist forces to preclude an flack on Port. Signaling his desperation, he appears to treasure he has nearly missing.

All Things CNN: CNN Simulcasts Libya News Overnight


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