ACCA STUDENT BLOG – Sheraz: ACCA, The qualification!!

22 Aug m...

ACCA is one of the fastest-growing and largest globular jock accountancy bodies in the humans, with over 493,500 members and students in 170 countries. ACCA has a nationwide material of virtually 80 staffed offices and different centers around the experience. For professed accountants, the worldwide body is ACCA (the Remembering of Leased Insane Accountants). They offering business-relevant, first-choice qualifications to fill of programme, cognition and ambitiousness around the humanity who seeks a profitable career in job, management and management and that is their aim.

Throughout their careers, providing services finished a network of 82 offices and activistic centers, ACCA supports 131,500 members and 362,000 students. At a anaesthetic rase, its international structure delivers exams and backing, develops honor and affect and gives benefit to stakeholders in pursuit of new job opportunities

ACCA STUDENT BLOG – Sheraz: ACCA, The qualification!!


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