Zaneta’s violin | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

20 Aug


I bought this violin from an sale two life ago for a centred dollars. I knew it would be worth it because the violin was in extraordinary shape, comely, and apparently old. Turns out, erst i washed him up, this string sounds outgo than any I person e’er played. In these two age he has continuing to suprise me with the e’er changing ambience.

So, the only entropy I make been fit to exploit anywhere on the shaper was a snippet online somewhere that said, “It is estimated that Caralos Helmer died around 1811.” I shelter’t initiate anything else… can I believe that he is truly that old? does anyone undergo anything about this Helmer, or live of a surpass way to look for content?I anticipate that your observe some the business is based on a declare in the violin.  In umteen cases labels are settled in violins prefabricated by someone added to increase the duration

Zaneta’s violin | Flickr – Photo Sharing!


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