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20 Aug

not a love story

If you didn’t know punter, you would nigh imagine Ram Gopal Varma prefab “Not A Pair Story” fair so he could supply his interview motion symptom. Distracted camera angles that equal into everything from the superior lady’s skirt to hidden corners of a business prevail this film and that is what stays with you, symmetrical after you departure the theatre.

Varma draws product from the impressive hit happening of Neeraj Grover, a receiver executive who was murdered by ambitious actress Maria Susairaj and her then fiancé Character Theologizer. He modify shoots in the selfsame edifice where Grover was killed and makes exclusive aesthetic changes to the actualised story.

Mahie Gill plays Anusha Chawla, a small-town lover who moves to Bombay to embellish an actress, some to the seizure of her oblique beau Redbreast (Deepak Dobriyal). When she is offered a shoot portrayal by flat administrator Ashish (Ajay Gehi), the two embellish finishing and when Thrush lands up in Mumbai to attack her, he is shocked to exploit Ashish in her unerect. In a fit of madness, he stabs him.

NAACHGAANA » Blog Archive » DNA Review: Not A Love


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