HP Touchpad, Palm Pre, And Other Hewlett-Packard

19 Aug

hp touchpad

Income figures at big box retailers suchlike Unsurpassed Buy, Walmart, and Fry’s Electronics intimate that the TouchPad is lagging down HP’s and retail expectations for the beginning webOS tablets. The state is so bad that retailers are now asking Hewlett Packard, which had acquired webOS from its Palm buyout, to buy aft list of the TouchPad because the tablets but hold not oversubscribed and are occupying rich retail and ridge set.

Unsurpassed Buy, the nation’s largest big box electronics retail concern, had reportedly serial 270,000 units of the tablet, and has only managed to cozen exclusive 25,000 units. Sources to Mercantilism Insider and All Things D say that the 25,000 units oversubscribed is a large personage as it doesn’t flatbottom chronicle for exchanges or returns of imperfect units, and the Support Street Journal’s school blog is calling it the ‘OuchPad.’

HP Touchpad, Palm Pre, And Other Hewlett-Packard


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