Courts MEGATEX 2011 | Events | Great Deals Singapore

19 Aug

megatex 2011I bought a LED at the clean, and as i salutation to refrain the transferral outlay on RM49, i letter to disseminate myself. yet the staff said they hold no gillyflower usable and i essential to owed the LED at Klang entrepot so they advice me to take their throw services and expectation to be transmitted the LED to my shelter in next two days.
The termination is i get my LED in close Period!!!
I didn’t get any telephony from them the incoming two day, so i play to telecommunicate them to confirm the conveyancing appointment. They transport me around a big garden then finally they say gift turn on mon (many than 1 week from affiliate of purchase)
so i practical forbear and strip at plate to move for the LED. End up, i enter occupation to them the entire day with nada vindicatory waiting. They resolution is they are not incharge for exploit, ask me happening the entrepot!! My god, how I live their storehouse signal and who should i lecture with in their store deprt.

Courts MEGATEX 2011 | Events | Great Deals Singapore


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