Baybeats 2011 – JUICE SINGAPORE

19 Aug


Baybeats, the large annual indie penalization festivity in Singapore, is event from 19 exchequer 21 Honorable 2011. The brimfull line-up of bands and schedule is up at its formal website:

Island’s ’80s rock’n’roll displace pioneers, Opponent Set, and stager thrash/hardcore headbangers, Ossuary, are a must-see especially for those too small to observer the early to mid 1990s Island penalization photograph. The Singapore bands performing at this twelvemonth’s Baybeats are: Arajua, Avalanche, Bear Content, Caracal, Cheating Sons, Kate Of Colewort, My Writes, Saint Chim, Violence !n Magenta, Ruins And Remains, Seyra, The Guilt, The Stool Radicals, The Rejeks, We The Thousands and You & I Collide.

Baybeats 2011 – JUICE SINGAPORE


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