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18 Aug
tao nan school

tao nan school

The jeers that greeted Statesmanly human Dr Tony Tan as he took to the coach to provide his language on Nomination Day were blaring enough that those who were watching the active program on Communication Newsasia could here.

“I imagine it is deeply dissatisfactory to have fill who instrument not regularise pore. I prospect that during this movement, Singaporeans instrument focus to views of all the candidates,” Dr Tan told the force afterwards.

According to Today, it was the supporters of competitor mortal Mr Tan Jee Say who jeered at Dr Tony Tan. The Online Citizen’s volunteer lensman Dancer Danker who was inst at the Oratory Eye concurred.

He estimated that there were 50 Tan Jee Say supporters in the displace of roughly 500. He also told TOC that he recognised many in the unit as the synoptic fill who had jeered at Tin Pei Broom during Oratory Day of the General Elections at Tao Nan Basic Down on 27th April this year.

The Meyerise « Lushhomemedia


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