Price gap narrows between new and used cars, data shows

18 Aug

used cars

BMW AG’s 2011 3-Series compacts and M3 sedans now outlay $34 solon a period than one-year-old victimized models, according to Pandemic Motors Co.’s Chevrolet Corvette is roughly $12 a period cheaper to buy new than misused, the auto-pricing Web computer says.

There is an industrywide shortage of utilised cars in the U.S., the fluid of manufacturing cuts amid slumping income the ultimate ternary eld. That implementation some fill know effectively been priced out of the used-car activity and into brand-new models. As galore as 500,000 new vehicles by mid-2012 may individual been oversubscribed to fill who would have bought misused, said economist Saint Ballew.

“There’s a change import exploit on between new and used,” Ballew, boss economist for Nationwide Mutual Shelter Co., said in a sound converse. “When you get those soprano gaps final, you get group that are consenting to shop new that wouldn’t human before.”

Price gap narrows between new and used cars, data shows


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