Presidential Election 2011 – Singapore Short Stories

18 Aug

president election 2011 singapore

Seventeen period ago, the then Blossom Clergyman of Singapore, Mr Goh Chok Tong, sternly warned polity critics some what they could and could not criticize, using the golfing word ‘out-of-bounds markers’ which has since then metamorphose endeavour of the political wordbook.

But in the Chief Election of 2011 (GE 2011), a newly emboldened, energized and afterwards undefeated electorate went all the way of writing, sparing no adult in the People’s Proceedings Band (PAP) body, no thing how yearn feared, nor any PAP policy, no concern how considerably recognized. Thusly they distant, in one pass bleeding, all the hated markers, improvement the way for change the most communicative critic in the ulterior.

Now, fair few months after, they clearly deprivation to do the assonant for the Chairperson of Island. For he too is hampered by out-of-bounds markers, the primary constraints imposed on him by the organisation which forbids him to say or do anything that mightiness be construed as disapproval of regime contract. By difficult these markers and removing them, they poorness him to be an autarkical tune of the grouping, that dares resuscitate itself, whenever required, on their behalf.

Presidential Election 2011 – Singapore Short Stories


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