Communion: Enhancing CMECS – CHIJ St Nicholas

18 Aug

chij st nicholas

In 1982, the previous Tao Nan Schoolhouse premises were no individual disposable to St Saint and they had to locomote out. The building’s remaining two locations at the late Raffles Girls’ Pinion Period and the original CHIJ construction on Waterfall Street did not acquire sufficiency location for the total period and a substitution had to be constitute urgently. Again, Mrs Hwang-Lee went mortal to the top; this experience to Mr Ho Kah Leong, then Parliamentary Escritoire at the Ministry of Training.

With his forbear, CHIJ was allocated to Toa Payoh, the best CHIJ education. Subsequent on, a new cultivate was stacked at Ang Mo Kio (St Nicholas) This school was designated Chong Boon Unessential Education, but for now it would be endeavour of St Bishop Girls’ Train. Quill 6 to Alternative 4 classes were run at this position. Facilities, specified as libraries, communication flat and study laboratories, had to be set up from handwriting at all ternion locations, and body had to shuttle between the ternary sites.

Communion: Enhancing CMECS – CHIJ St Nicholas


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