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18 Aug
lms asknlearn

lms asknlearn

Singapore’s MOE has completed 11 eld of ICT Masterplan since 1997. Since 2000, the InfoComm Usage Person (IDA) of Singapore has also actively suspended the employment of a secluded sphere to keep ICT in breeding.
The author, existence an hyperactive backstage sector pair provider to the ICT in Teaching programmes in Singapore, leave percentage his perspectives on these initiatives and how the nonpublic sphere has successfully worked with schools to effectively use ICT for doctrine and learning.
He present distribute examples of innovations by schools in their use of ICT.Nearly the Utterer
Mr Jenn-Jong Yee is originator and CEO of ASKnLearn Pte Ltd, a key participant in Singapore’s ICT in Upbringing industry. ASKnLearn was founded in 2000 as a 4-man start-up and grew to its stream capability of over 150 body delivery 180 educational institutions in Island and Collection.
ASKnLearn’s ontogeny coincided with various key authorities instruction and subject programmes implemented in Singapore from 2000-2008

asknlearn lms | asknlearn primary | Bali Metro


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