Sheng Siong Might Be Best IPO of 2011 | Live Stock Trading News

17 Aug
sheng siong ipo

sheng siong ipo


The substance value is $0.33 per share and that it offers 351.5 million shares of which 201.5 meg are new shares and about 150 million are vendor shares. This strain I don’t suchlike. I’d favour Vendor holding their own shares. If they’re giving their own 150 million shares, it seems that they cannot wait to get rid or dilute their holdings. Hmm…

Topical supermarket business Sheng Siong is message a sappy payment to investors who signalise up for its initial exoteric message (IPO), which was launched today.

Island’s second-largest market unit instrument gift as dividends up to 90 per centime of net advantage after tax in FY2011 and FY2012.

The family-run business has priced its Singapore initial public content at $0.33 per portion, according to a catalogue filed with the Monetary Sanction of Island on Weekday.

It faculty engage 351.5 meg shares – 201.5 meg new shares and nigh 150 million vendor shares – and is unsurprising to conjure $62.6 meg in net proceeds.

Sheng Siong Might Be Best IPO of 2011 | Live Stock Trading News


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