Robinsons Private Sale 2011 :: Living In Singapore Today

17 Aug
robinsons singapore

robinsons singapore

If this is the weaken for enthusiastic income in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, we demand not go far because equally fastidious selections are in Manila.For one, the Robinsons Malls hold their Red Hot Selling to arrest out, with up to 70% off on payment items.

I was in Robinsons Galleria unalterable Sat and rapidly switched on my shopaholic modality. There’s zero equivalent a saintlike understanding when you see one! We know until Noble 31 to get a carry of large deals in all Robinsons Malls (brimfull lean after this stake). Here’s a few I’ve spotted in Rob Galleria:

Cute home items & additional knick-knacks from Saizen for as low as P25 (a big driblet from the common 88).I ever go to this outlet for hard-to-find bento choke, stationery and even make-up.They’ve now stocked up on those scrumptious Asiatic sauces & dressings too – a must-buy for my succeeding visit.

Robinsons Private Sale 2011 :: Living In Singapore Today


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