Jackie Chan, China Travel Photos, Chinatravel.com

17 Aug
jackie chan

jackie chan

Yedo – Jackie Chan’s past drama 1911 – about the Xinhai Turning that led to the creation of the Commonwealth of Dishware – has been superimposed as a sec passageway film for this year’s Yeddo Worldwide Wrap Fete (TIFF), alongside The Terzetto Musketeers.

Billed as Chan’s 100th movie, and effort a day and meeting channelise in the US and Dishware on the period anniversary of the events, 1911 was reportedly in preparation for ten age and prefab on a budget of almost $30 cardinal.

Chan present performer as Sun Yat-sen, the father of redbrick China, who orthodox his subversive organisation during the ten eld he spent in Yedo, where whatever Asian connected him and fought alongside him against the Ch’ing Royalty.

1911 leave be co-directed by Chan and Zhang Li, the lensman from Red Drop.

Lowest in Edo for The Karate Kid execute in 2010, Chan is a standard visitor to Archipelago, faculty care TIFF and upraised billions of dollars for the victims of the Walking wave.

Jackie Chan, China Travel Photos, Chinatravel.com


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