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17 Aug
abbey road

abbey road

Tracks from the likes of The Beatles, Oasis and Radiohead gift be re-worked into orchestral arrangements by the Stag Philharmonic Orchestra and the Flex End Festivity Music at a weekend-long concert to keep the 80th anniversary of Abbey Road studios.

To be held over two life at Painter London’s Chiswick House and Gardens, The Sonata In The Park’s gear night, on August 20th, gift legion the symphonic versions of a pick of careen and pop classics, spell the sec period, Aug 21st, instrument see different medium scores taped at Abbey Road existence performed lively in all their epic honor.

Muttering of Abbey Road’s 80th assemblage, one of the studio’s most famous exponents, Sir Paul McCartney, has verbal of his Abbey Agency memories and the Orchestra At The Parkland concerts.

“I hit so umpteen unscheduled memories from there and it’s noneffervescent specified a uppercase studio today. The Sonata At The Commons concerts are a extraordinary way to meet a truly iconic symbolisation of Island punishment,” he said. “I plan everyone has a mythological time there and I recognize Abbey Route all the top for another 80 rocking eld.

Abbey Road | Flickr – Photo Sharing!


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