TUesday Newsday: New Releases from Jay-Z/Kanye,

16 Aug


The Ministry of Upbringing has assured the unity of the 2011 CSEC results has not been compromised amidst claims that many students had tampered with the online results which had been posted on the Caribbean Examinations Council website antepenultimate Friday.

Ministry officials yesterday said patch they had conventional reports of persons changing grades and printing the results with the CSEC trademark before it had been separate from the CXC website – the germinal reduplicate of the score reach provided by the Ministry of Training to all train principals contains the actual grades.

Tongued with Newsday on procedure of anonymity, fountainhead placed sources said though students may try to “fool” principals and possibleness employers – the tier slips from the ministry would reverberate the legitimate render of how they did and if their online grades had been edited.

Newsday understands that the “technicality” which allowed students to move their grades resulted from a need of stringent measures being put in base to ensure that persons were only able to canvas their results on the CXC website.

TUesday Newsday: New Releases from Jay-Z/Kanye,


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