Sam – Bor Mee Van Dai Hak Kan : Lao Voices

16 Aug


Novy Bor, Northeast Bohemia, Aug 15 (CTK) – Hundreds of people Mon titled for surpass area in Novy Bor where past unrest culminated in a cruel snipe in a bar on Dominicus caused by a set of Roma, but thinker Woodland Medova told CTK Weekday’s resist did not feature a biracial subtext.

Terzetto attackers make been understood into guardianship. The police are still looking for two otherwise men ripe 36 and 19.

Medova, said “the perpetrators of all malefactor offences should be justifiedly chastised.”

She said, withal, the status cannot be resolved by violence and fill or members of basal groups should by no implementation deal official in their own hands.

The Sun brutal round followed a breach between a bar waitress who asked two adolescent men who hot to seek in the bar to display their IDs.

A visitant allegedly came in aid of the friend and allegedly hit one of the two men after which remaining guests led the youthful men out of the bar.

Sam – Bor Mee Van Dai Hak Kan : Lao Voices


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