Han Ye-seul no-show on set: cue the negative response

16 Aug
han ye seul

han ye seul

There are reports confirming that actress Han Ye Seul is earnestly dating an older entrepreneur under the posit of rite.

With this said, Han Ye Seul’s effort to Los Angeles on Honorable 15th has raised possibilities of a info wedlock in the US which could advance to her retirement from the amusement manufacture nudeness.

Han Ye Seul has been dating an unnamed bourgeois in his recent 30s for nearly 8 months since the rootage of this period. It is rumored that this entrepreneur has been sighted impermanent the set numerous nowadays by actors / actresses along with the the staff of KBS’s “Spy Myung Wol” to demo his agree.

The entrepreneur is familiar to tally a rattling auspicious early as he is flying a limit of businesses in Earth. The pair freshman met through a multiethnic assemblage and their relation grew quickly to be dating low the premise of wedding. Not longitudinal ago, Han Ye Seul also received an pricey opulence sedan from her lover. In primary, it is reportable that Han Ye Seul has verbalized of her plans of marriage to her co-stars on the set triune times.

Han Ye-seul no-show on set: cue the negative response


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