Guinness World Record: Tightest Parallel Parking Job

16 Aug
zhang hua parking

zhang hua parking

Illustrious as ‘Ronny C-Rock’, the VW caressing stunt driver appeared on the European variant of Stout World Records in activity to try his automobile into a parking interval that was retributory 26 centimetres soul than his object.

The inch-perfect arena has no uncertainty been tried and unsuccessful at by some a supermarket shopper, notwithstanding C-Rock made sluttish business of his effort as he revved up his chemist tiny VW Traveller.

Astonishingly all that it took was a quick damaged of the handbrake to beam the car’s side end around in period so as to woman the automobile nestled in the slur behind.

Ronny was certain he had the list sewn-up and, as the footage below shows, he was flatbottom awarded a Thespian Group Disk medallion and plaque.

But not agelong after Guinness Class Records in Crockery official that Zhang Hua had set a new book after he manoevered his automobile into a parking area that was two centimetres small than C-Rock’s.

 Guinness World Record: Tightest Parallel Parking Job


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