Firefox 6 due next week | TUAW – The Unofficial Apple

16 Aug
firefox 6

firefox 6

Several of you might be asking yourselves, “Is there a new writing of Firefox already?” Easily, yes there is! For those of you inarticulate virtually having to perform added update – fountainhead I opine you can error this place. But for those of you superficial assuming to getting the last writing of Firefox but aren’t daring enough to junction the beta channels we’ve got many goodish intelligence for you.

Smooth tho’ it’s scheduled to be released this Weekday, Firefox 6 is addressable for download now. Thanks to the folks at Peak PC who managed to dig up the course for the update, you can now like it two days early than everybody added. Here’s what you’ll like with the Firefox 6 update: more discipline over permissions, faster commencement times, faster execution on Linux, healthier plug-in direction, increased livelihood for HTML5, and a whole lot solon. Hit the harm for the download links.

Firefox 6 due next week | TUAW – The Unofficial Apple


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