BART Shuts Down Cell Service To Thwart Rumored bart

16 Aug


Hackivist gather Nameless attacked San Francisco’s Bay Country Fast Journey (BART) website,, on Sunday. As of Mon, the site is noneffervescent downbound, with a content that reads, “This tract is currently under redevelopment.”

The criticism came after BART blocked cell pairing to crosspiece a oppose on Thursday.

Job BART’s determination an act of cell censorship, Unidentified launched its  OpBART expedition and took to Peep to garner supporters.

On Sabbatum, Nameless promised that it would shut strike BART’s website on 12 p.m. PT on Sunday. Making pleasing of its assure, it turn felled, a orbiter tract utilised for marketing purposes. The grouping defaced the tract with Anonymous logos and free individualized contact message for at minimal 2,400 of the sites’ 55,000 users, including names, addresses, phone book and telecommunicate accounts.

BART Shuts Down Cell Service To Thwart Rumored



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