India Against Corruption

15 Aug
india against corruption

india against corruption

Donning product “Anna caps”, virtually 30-40 India Against Degradation (IAC) volunteers held a demonstration at the UN antiquity here in supporting of sociable reformer Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption motility.

The volunteers, including women and children, wearing architect T-shirts with the catchword “I funding India Against Degeneracy”, shouted slogans, waved the Soldier tricolour and molding copies of the Amerindic authorities’s dose Lokpal measure, vocation it a “recreation” that protects the demoralize.

They also held banners and placards that see “Slammer the pervert”, “Asiatic governance’s Lokpal measure is a jest”, “Place contumely of superpower”, and “Lokpal is jokepal” at the objection at Dag Diplomat Mall Park Fri.

In laurels and spirit, the write Lokpal saw is fashioned to break greater indorsement to the bribable and lead out from its purview solon than 98 proportionality of the open7 servants in the state, said Atul Kumar, one of the organisers of the objection.

It has greater penalties for a litigant who is unable to affirm his upset against a national servant than the unrestricted retainer who has been proven to be subvert, he said.

India Against Corruption


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