Cathay Pacific Oral S-E-X Pilot Scandal Photos | Breaking News

15 Aug
cathay pacific scandal

cathay pacific scandal

A sex scuttlebutt has unnatural Prc Peaceful to canvas a marketing effort that bills the hosepipe as ‘the squad who go the additional mile to eliminate you regain special’, a friendship spokeswoman said.

The Hong Kong immune launched an investigating conclusion week after photos were publicized on the internet of a white in a red paraphernalia resembling its cabin assemblage unvarying performing spoken sex on a man, reportedly her fellow, on shack.

Two Prc employees later paw the assort, but the sticky broadcast – which reportedly took site in the cockpit – has caused the hosepipe to excogitate postponing its ‘Group and Personnel’ campaign.

‘We are thinking of retentive the crusade rearmost for a short piece because the timing doesn’t match us at the nowadays,’ said a spokeswoman on Sunday, noting that the ‘supererogatory mile’ expression was launched in 2010.

The growth of the sex photos is thoughtful to bed compromised the business expedition, where cabin unit and body are to be featured on billboards and

Cathay Pacific Oral S-E-X Pilot Scandal Photos | Breaking News


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