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15 Aug
doordarshan live streaming

doordarshan live streaming

With many than 6000 athletes from 71 disparate countries all across the man, the Commonwealth Games 2010, an transnational multi-sport event, kicked off yesterday on Dominicus 3rd October, 2010 in Jawaharlal Statesman arena in New Metropolis, Bharat.

Amerindic Chairman Pratibha Patil and Prince Physicist, who attended the event on behalf of his care Competition Elizabeth II who failed to puddle the jaunt for several undiagnosed reasons, were the moral guest of purity for this year’s circumstance that started after Amerind President announced ‘Let the games begin’ tailing Prince Charles’ papers to unstoppered the games.

So, yesterday truly marked the end of prolonged stretched 4-year-wait for the much anticipated event of Commonwealth Games, but only for the spectators who were physically comprise at the Jawaharlal Statesman Arena and not for those who were hoping to bask the circumstance through ‘Doordarshan Untaped Streaming’!

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