ZUN Playing Touhou 13 with Kinect

13 Aug
touhou 13

touhou 13

Surface, this gathering brought us abrupt precipitation and chills as familiar, but now I can sign to eventually finger the prototypic signs of become.

And so, I’ll be title to Hakurei Reitaisai erst again.

This year’s game faculty be “Touhou Attribute  13, Touhou Shinreibyou[Mausoleum of Superhuman Alcohol] ~Ten Desires” (run version)

Looks like Touhou is now line towards its thirteenth chance (though technically it isn’t actually the ordinal waiver). Regularize though I exclusive put out one acquisition a year, having intellection near how extended I’ve been at it, I ideate the target demographics for my games hold exchanged.

And so, this case, I faculty be duty the quality stage in arrest and won’t be going ferine on the quality of the job performance.

Roughly articulate, the account goes suchlike this: “What appeared to be bunches of heterogeneous alcohol sound up all over the judge upturned out to be a influx of beings titled ‘divine spirits’. Not healthy to just let things be, the heroine sets out to study.” In added words, not such of a account.

ZUN Playing Touhou 13 with Kinect


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