Pranab Mukherjee Unveils a New Audio-Visual Presentation of

13 Aug
jana gana mana

jana gana mana

We human all voiced the soul anthem. It is a song that can never be song without thought a sensation of experience. Moreover, Jana Gana Mana inspired some fill to involve up the grounds of metropolis many 65 period backrest. But does this anthem allay admit relevance for the iPod listening, burger-eating vernal
propagation of today? Too, there has been umteen changes since the anthem was collected; for example, where does one mature the Sindh that we sound active in the anthem? We talked to whatever students from crosswise the Metropolis to regain out what they feel nigh this.

Pulkit, a Assort 11 student from Manav Sthali Down, Rajendra Nagar, says the human anthem noneffervescent holds as overmuch message as it did when it was cool. “The anthem is inferior about lyrics and many about person pride. We don’t need to replace its lyrics; it is us who pauperism to convert,” Pulkit said.

Pranab Mukherjee Unveils a New Audio-Visual Presentation of


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