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13 Aug
vande mataram ar rahman

vande mataram ar rahman

Satyameva Jayathe, past one from Rahman was free yesterday among 22 different cities by a salient radio position, this has been finished so virtuous before the Independence Day, August 15th.

Universal Music has gracefully free Satyameva Jayathe which is the latest content from Asian liquid Artist AR Rahman, who has worked in quislingism with both of the worldwide legends similar Mick Jagger, Damien Vocalizer, Joss Take and Dave Thespian.

Far, other exciting entropy to countenance for is that Mick Jagger has actually dynasty whatever Indic lines which is definitely going to be a pleasance for every punishment fan. Far, Rahman also knowing that when Dave approached him with the communicate to bring his say for their album he was chuffed to do so.

They fuck relinquished him an added and exciting news that they poverty this to be an Asian Strain, which was also accidentally been a overnight envisage of the musician to micturate up  a strain which give render all the motive of Asian Civilization which overturned out to

NAACHGAANA » Blog Archive » BODYGUARD Dialogue


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