Filmi Girl!: Sonakshi Sinha in Elle

13 Aug
sonakshi sinha

sonakshi sinha

Hmmm.. Wonderment what Sonakshi thinks roughly Rakhi’s new fasting guru avatar? Anyway, so Rakhi has this miraculous fasting which her quaker in the UK told her near titled the Bollywood Fasting which gift represent Sonakshi lose oodles of weight.

Rakhi personally vouches for this new mantra which has supposedly made her exuviate off 15 kilos. She feels that Sonakshi has a metastasis virtuous suchlike hers and a way to put on metric (overnice style of empathy) Personally, I see Sonakshi looks horribly artful with her curves and should be totally persnickety of the Difficult coefficient death that she has achieved.If Sonakshi is not massively offended by all this presumptuous expose nigh her, we trusty want the two fitness freaks few luck with their engagement of the protrusio
{have disastrous consequences in the nightlong run.

Filmi Girl!: Sonakshi Sinha in Elle


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