Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer from Nickjr.’s The Fresh Beat Band

12 Aug


20 half-hour episodes, which present start on May 11, 2009 is almost a girlish woman Kai-lan and her adventures with her cranelike friends and grandad, teaching life-lessons for pre-schoolers and individual Island text and phrases.

Impart characters:

Kai-lan Chow is a puckish, fearless preschooler with a big temperament. She is nigh 6, speaks both Country and Citrus Chinese, and is super stirred to acquire her faculty, her society, and her playtime-with her carnal friends and children at internal!

YeYe is Kai-lan’s grandpa. He lovingly passes on his privileged and bright reality chockful of Island tariff and traditions to his granddaughter. YeYe provides Kai-lan with raise content, stellar her to ascertain her own answers, at her own tread.

Tolee is a 5-year-old panda-loving opossum who puts his friends position. He’s the intellectual of the gather, and Kai-lan and her friends can ever rely on him for sound ideas and to consider before he acts.

Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer from Nickjr.’s The Fresh Beat Band


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