Singapore News Alternative: Netizens outraged after Filipino

12 Aug
rachelle ann beguia

rachelle ann beguia

The move came after Singaporeans began to voice their grouses publicly on the sky-rocketing prices of HDB flats despite the efforts of MND in building more new flats to ramp up the supply.

There are also some disquiet online over possible conflicts of interest in the case of Dr Sim Loo Lee who has been an independent director of Sim Lian since 2003. She was also a board member of HDB between 2005 and 2009 during which the DBSS scheme was concocted and implemented with Sim Lian being one of the ‘pioneers’.

In another instance, Sim Lian Group’s executive director Diana Kuik is the wife of PAP losing candidate in Aljunied GRC Ong Ye Kung.

Suspending the land sales for DBSS projects will do little to control the fast escalating prices of HDB flats, especially that of resale flats which are fueled by growing demands from Singapore PRs.

It is time Mr Khaw takes swift and concrete action by imposing restrictions on the purchase and sale of HDB flats by PRs to prevent them from profiteering from the transactions.

Singapore News Alternative: Netizens outraged after Filipino


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