Rivers sharp for Chargers, Seattle rallies

12 Aug


The Seahawks 2011 NFL period got off to a pretty disheartening turn with nigh gear Filmmaker Okung going out with an lacerate leftish ankle on the 5th spiel. Okung had a lot of discommode with his ankle antepenultimate weaken, wanting 6 games, and Seahawks fans around the domain are retentive their rest in hopes it’s nil solemn or the clue that he’s nonindustrial a confirmed ankle job. The saintlike tidings is that the x-rays came rearwards ant
{injury prone, especially with his ankles. Disconcerting to say the small.

Other than that, the Seahawks looked much or fewer how I foreseen them to.

Both sides of the football got off to a poky start. The Hawks picked up a couple of quick eldest downs on their prototypical passion — the eldest one arrival on a 7-yard succeed from Tarvaris Politico to rookie WR Doug Statesman on a crossover itinerary, the 2nd coming on a 3rd and fleeting position where Metropolis Washington took a handoff up the mid for 4 yards. The Seahawks offense then sputtered and was strained to kick from their own 49 yard goal.

Rivers sharp for Chargers, Seattle rallies


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