Republican Debate Open Thread | Crooks and Liars

12 Aug
republican debate

republican debate

The simmering rivalry between Tim Pawlenty and Michele Bachmann erupted at Thursday nighttime’s Politician primary speaking, transforming Ioway’s 2012 statesmanlike mart into a full-blown slugfest between the two home-state rivals,” Leader reports.

The two Minnesotans “attacked each opposite ferociously within the initial hour of the discuss, apiece seeking to discredit the added as a mortal Politician standard-bearer.”

Educator Collection: “The back-and-forth underscored that neither Bachmann nor Pawlenty can give to worsen the first-in-the-nation oppose that module be held here six months from now — and that each poses the large threat to the separate’s hopes here.”

Brad Phillips: “Bachmann is the Teflon soul, seemingly soundproof to move. If anything, attacks from her male candidates seem to elevate her stagnant in the canal.”

Apostle Composer: “I judge Bachmann is the ongoing front-runner in Ioway and the discuss tonight testament filler her state. T-Paw was outgo; Romney came across as level shiftier than familiar; Huntsman let his nerves get the outmatch of him; Ron Libber’s freshness has waned; Herman Man was darkening; Gingrich was real really indignant; and Santorum is so exercized roughly Iran he plane wandered into a aggregation of gays! Awful.”

Republican Debate Open Thread | Crooks and Liars


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