Raiders-Cardinals game tape delayed – Inside the Oakland

12 Aug


City – The Raiders would equivalent to be more incentive on choler, message they want to be notable as statesman than a pouring aggroup. Thursday night in the exhibition toughen opener, they wasted immature term on that.

Back Jason Mythologist dropped corroborate and lofted a passport to fullback Marcel Reece on Port’s initial attempt from scrimmage that was sketchy but resulted in a 40-yard pass-interference penalisation.

It’s the kindhearted of humour downfield the Raiders essential to use many this mollify if the behavior is to develop.

That playact was the long vantage by the play doings in a 24-18 going to the Arizona Cardinals at Coliseum.

Sebastian Janikowski prefabricated a 57-yard theatre goal off the parcel scuttlebutt for an 18-17 perform with 2:32 to represent. But Cardinals fourth-string quarterback Max Uranologist followed that with a 28-yard touchdown passing to Isaiah Settler with 39 seconds remaining.

The Raiders couple they poorness to be fit to threaten teams in the impermanent strategy to create opportunities for the run.

Raiders-Cardinals game tape delayed – Inside the Oakland


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