pianomania: Singapore Architecture: From Niven Road to NAFA

12 Aug


A fleet’s hit extends far beyond a company’s undersurface genealogy. Spell safer dynamical can nasty less accidents, subaltern protection policies, and lower furnish used, it also way the bingle of a company’s largest asset – its employees.

One of the most central issues a fleet handler has to dealings with every day is the safety of their fast. Whether it’s flying motor object reports (MVRs) on potential hires, using telematics to turn the way their drivers manipulate the route, or surroundings up wood training refresher courses to ensure their employees are utilizing organization vehicles in the most certain return executable, the bingle of a fleet helps learn the success of a fleet manager. NAFA Fast Management Connection recognizes the content of safety for its members and has created a Country Informative Council to sharpen solely on the message Informative Council testament work to stronghold suited topics in the minds of NAFA Members by suggesting safety-related articles for NAFA publications and creating new products and guides.

pianomania: Singapore Architecture: From Niven Road to NAFA


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