Man charged with the murder at Afro Asia Building

12 Aug
rengarajoo balasamy

rengarajoo balasamy

A Class died after a flack poor out in a attorney’s power in a building at Ballplayer Route yesterday period.

Force would not display her personality, but it is believed she was the spouse of a professional, Mr Rengarajoo Balasamy, who had a practise on the sixth control of the Afro Assemblage Edifice. Mr Rengarajoo was not in the thing when the terminate broke out.

At Mr Rengarajoo’s condominium lodging in Pasir Panjang end dark, a man who identified himself as his son addicted that the flame mortal was his care. He said his parents would go to energy together every day.

The man said he hot to fuck what had happened, because the flames had appeared out of the dirty.

But he superimposed: ‘I don’t requirement to scuttlebutt too often because we are awaiting results of the research.’

Near 20 kinsfolk members were at the sanctuary, and a heat is planned for Sat.

As of midnight terminal dark, the force had not yet sorted the instance, and the grounds of the shoot has not been secure. Investigations are current.

Man charged with the murder at Afro Asia Building


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